Who not to call for water gardens

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I realize for many customers this will be a very touchy subject. Many times a customer will call a landscape company for a water feature and what they get is on Hell of a heartache. I feel really bad for people in general that spend 1000’s of dollars on a water garden. Then within a year they have to call a real professional to come in and fix the problems. Granted all this can be avoided by calling a professional in the first place. Many times the customer will be fooled by a professional landscape companies website, they see pictures and like what they see and assume that is the quality of work they do. A landscaper and waterscaper are 2 different services. Before I go on with the rest of this blog — If you call any pond or water garden company and they mention anything about a UV light sterilizer then that is NOT a company you want to hire. UV lights only mask the problems in a pond, they are expensive and cost even more to maintain. UV lights kill everything important in a pond instead of making the pond 100% self sustaining with products only mother nature provides.

Remember Don’t hire companies that have to use UV Lights. They are not needed. It should also tell you that the company really doesn’t know how to properly install a real water garden. Beware of UV light installers they are inexperienced pond builders…

Here is an example of what I’m talking about. There are many websites that do this same thing…

Lets say you are the customer went to this website.

You would say that’s an awesome water feature and I would like that company to install my water garden. You hire that company or any other company and what you get is nothing but trouble.

Let me show you why….

Do you see the photo the arrow is pointing to.

This is another companies photo. So you just purchased what you thought was that companies work but was actually another companies work. There are really good water garden installers out there but you need to be sure of who you are hiring before you hire. Yes, granted I wish everyone called me for water garden construction but there are a few others in the Austin area that are very competitive with my service. What sets me apart from the others is my passion, creativity, prices and of course My Warranty. I’m the only water garden installer that the owner is the main installer and I supervise a very tight crew of experienced employees.

We got this call the other day,we went out to address the customers concerns about fixing the water feature and it turns out the whole thing was improperly constructed. The patio the landscape company installed is acceptable but the water feature was not acceptable. The whole thing needs to be deconstructed and rebuilt.

These pictures were taken when we went out.

You can see that this water garden is not functional. The sad part is this was installed within the last year. Our water gardens are warrantied for a year for any installation defects and an additional 2 years on water pumps and accessories.  All the components for the above water garden were purchased at home depot. Home depot and lowes are not the places you buy pond supplies. Like I said before the patio is fine but the water feature is crap, forgive my french. But when a customer spends $6000.00 for a functional water feature and it will cost them $4500.00 to fix it right.

It upsets me, it already puts a bad taste in the customers mouth and for them to ever trust another waterscaper is very difficult. They eventually end up calling numerous other companies to compare services, prices and references. We have references and lots of them, we have photos of our work and lots of them, we have saved many customers $1000’s of dollars but you have to call me first. I haven’t had a customer yet that hasn’t told me This is much more than I expected. I have had customers cry with joy when they see their final product.   That means alot to me, Water features are my passion and I will do whatever it takes to make you a happy satisfied customer and give you a water garden to be enjoyed for years to come.

In final, I’m not saying who to choose for your water garden design and installation, there are many qualified companies to handle and create a great ponds, water gardens  or pondless waterfalls just please research before you hand over a deposit check or pay the entire bill before the job is complete. Nobody will ever compare to the quality and passion that I possess. We now film and upload all water features to our portfolio found on youtube GoProponds.

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