We also provide Christmas lighting, not just Xmas lighting but animated lighting. Our Christmas shows are set to music as a result the lights dance to the beat of the music. The music is sent out using an FM transmitter so all the visitors can tune their cars to the designated channel and enjoy the show. Animated light shows are not just for Christmas, we install 4th of July shows or shows for any holiday. Pre-booking is very necessary for this type of service.

We can only handle a few calls because some light show take a month to install… We can install shows from 16 channels to 48 channel shows and even duplicate the shows in excess of 100 channels. A channel is the single action of a strand or numerous strands of lights. The most expensive part of the animated show is the initial investment. We can only use LED lights that are dimable no other light will work.

Watch these videos below. We were featured on 2 different local news stations