Free Pond Design Estimates are Gladly Given Over the Phone. We simply need to know the dimensions of what size pond or pondless waterfall you are considering. We can give you a close figure of what your waterscapes will cost to build by square footage alone.

Many people are very curious about pond pricing. This page will explain all about the price for ponds or pondless water features. Remember our water features come with warranties and we also offer follow up services.

In most cases we are 25 to 40% less expensive than the competition.

This post about prices needs to be read.

The price of a pond depends on many factors such as  configuration, size, and optional accessories such as decks, docks, or landscaping.  Your yard may also have some special needs to be addressed such as drainage issues, underground utilities or sprinkler lines that need to be capped and moved.  The prices below are examples of a finished pond that are constructed with underlayment, liner , and boulders and stones.  The price also includes all the standard equipment such as the pump, tubing, skimmer, waterfall filter box and (at minimum) one submersible low-voltage light.  We also treat each new pond with the start-up treatments and DE-clorinator  to be ready for fish. The pond is turn-key all that is needed is ongoing bacteria and barley treatments. Additional prices for ponds will depend on how natural you want your pond to look. Plants in an out of the pond is what makes it look natural and keeps the water crystal clear.

All Ponds Are Turn-Key 

  All ponds come with everything for the pond. The pond or pondless water feature will function 100%, have plants & fish plus the first treatment. You will have to furnish ongoing treatments or we can bring you 6 months or a year supply. You can upgrade to the landscape package to complete your backyard paradise.

The addition of a stream between the pond and waterfall is around $100.00 a foot Width up to 4 feet

Pond prices based on average 2 foot depth & 2 foot waterfall into pond. Price is also based on how much rock is encountered when digging less rock no additional charges.

All these prices are ballpark only. Depending on what your pond requires will really dictate the price. These prices also reflect machine dug. Hand digging increases a lot. In some cases if access is not available we might turn down the job. If the wheelbarrow won’t fit in your gate then neither will we. Pond dimensions are actually based on liner size not surface size. Our liner is sold in 10 foot increments. 10 x 10 liner is our first size and can go up to 50 x 50 ( machine moved ). Just remember, ultimately money is not what motivates me it is the pleasure I get from building them. I have been on every job since I started this company and plan to be on every job after. I have built every water feature on this website and made every pond on my YouTube channel ( goproponds).

1. 4×6 pond price range $2500.00 to $5000.00  —–  approximately  400 gallons  –pond depth 18 to 24 inches  ** Goldfish pond** Does not include skimmer on this model only bio fall. Add wetland filter for $2000.00

2. 8×12 pond price range $7500.00 to $12500.00  —–  approximately  1500 gallons — 3ft. deep plus plant shelves, up to 3 foot waterfalls with as many as 4 cascades.

3. 11×16 pond price range $12,500.00 to $20,000.00  —–  approximately  3000 gallons — 3ft. deep plus plant shelves, up to 3 foot waterfalls with as many as 5 cascades

4. 16×21 pond price range $15,000.00 to $30,000.00  —–  approximately  6300 gallons — 3ft. deep plus plant shelves, up to 3 foot waterfalls with as many as 5 cascades, multiple waterfall locations

5. 26×26 pond price range $20,000.00 to $35,000.00 and —–  approximately  10000 gallons — 3ft to 4 feet deep plus plant shelves, up to 5 foot waterfalls with as many as 8 cascades and multiple locations

Recommended pond bogs prices for Ponds 2-5 , includes the bog addition and aquatic plants that are needed. Aquatic plants are the main reason ponds keep the crystal clear look with out the use of UV lights. The plants absorb the nitrates that algae and organic waste from leaves and fish waste. Bogs need to be installed at the time of pond installation. If installed later the price goes up due to re-digging ditches and attaching to existing water pipes.

1. 5×8 bog with up to 5 foot stream $ $1000.00 great for pond#2

2. 10×12 bog up to 10 foot stream with river plants $2500.00 great for pond # 3 & 4

3. 15×15 bog  plus bog shelf in pond 10 to 15 foot stream with river plants $4000.00 great for pond # 5

Pondless waterfall and stream prices based on average 2 foot waterfalls and 10 foot stream, 3 feet wide. These prices do not include landscaping. Add $400.00 per 10 feet of river landscaped. If location is not on a mild hill or slope the we have to create one $1000.00 per 20 feet.

Price includes Pumps, underlayment, liner rocks and boulders and hoses (turn-key)

1. 10 foot stream, 2 foot waterfalls

pond less price range $3000.00 to $3500.00  —–  approximately  180 gallons

2. 20 foot stream, 2 to 2.5 foot waterfalls 1 river fall

pond less price range $5500.00 to $7000.00  —–  approximately  130 gallons

3. 30 foot stream, 2 to 3 foot waterfalls and 2-3  river falls

pond less price range $8000.00 to $14,000.00  —–  approximately  160 gallons

4. 100 foot river up to 6 feet wide 3.5 foot waterfalls or numerous cascading waterfalls and river break falls. Pond less price range $35,000.00 to $135,000.00  —–  approximately  as much as 1500 gallons

All pondless water features when turned off with recede into the pondless system with no over flow.

So here is an example of a 19×21 pond with a 30 foot river and a 7 x 10 bog with 10 foot river. The extras on this pond are an addition dock and rope fence around the pond and the landscape package with outdoor and underwater lights plus the koi fish, pond plants and the first 3 treatments.

Example: This is 19x 21 pond $16,000.00 this pond has a 35 foot stream, $5500.00, this pond also has a 7×10 bog  and mini bog planting area in the pond with mini river $2500.00. The additional price for the extras are $2500.00 So total price for this pond is $26,500.00.. It’s a 5000+ gallon pond. No rock encountered on this pond dig, the rock shelf for this pond started at 3 foot deep but this pond is only 3 feet deep so no additional jack hammer charges applied.

Take a look at the photos below or click here to watch us build this pond