Example from another pond company at bottom of this post….

This will be a touchy subject for a lot of customers, “not my customers”. Is your pond built correctly? Are the fittings properly glued and do you have the right filter or skimmer for your size pond? The average size pond is 2500 to 4000 gallons. That’s a great size, but can your BioFall filter that amount of water? Many times, pond builders buy smaller products to save a little money. They are saving, but you, as the customer, are not. You will eventually have to rebuild your pond because of small mistakes starting with your pump. Landscape company ABC123 just came in and built you a 4000 gallon pond. They also bought you a 2500 gallon bio filter and a small skimmer box. This landscape co. said “ we are buying you a big pump”.

Example: a large 8000 gph ( gallons per hour) pump and install 1.5 inch or 2 inch pipe with the pump. The pump pushes the water from the skimmer box to the bio filter to complete the water filtration process.

Let me skip backwards a second and tell you about pvc pipes. A 1.5 inch pipe will only push 42 gpm (gallons per minute) 42×60=2520…. 2520 GPH is the absolute most water you can push through that pipe. If they installed a 2 inch pipe ( this pipe is the most used by pond professionals) your max water flowing through the pipe would be 73 gpm. 73×60= 4380 GPH…. You max pump need would have been a 4000 GPH pump. The other 4000 could not be used. It was a waste of money and you will burn your pump out 2 times as fast.

There are many factors that go into building a pond. It has taken 15 years of building ponds and I have just now almost mastered the art of pond building. Lets talk about the art of pond building for a minute. Do you think when you call landscape company ABC123 or POND XYZ that you will get the same person that has been with them for 15 or 20 years?… These companies have a high turnover rate of employees. Most of them contract out their ponds to other services or contractors to complete ( such as me), Do you think the owner is going to show up and place 95% of all rocks in your water feature or pond? I do show up and build every one of my ponds, touching each and every stone at least 3 times.

I love building ponds and I’m as close to being a master pond builder as ?????? I don’t know any pond masters. You should also enjoy my prices. In most cases I could save you as much as half the cost. A $5000.00 water feature won’t be half but it will be less. On a 95,000.00 pond I can save you $40,000.00 it may not be half but it’s $40,000 DOLLARS. Spend it on a vacation of a lifetime.

It is not about the money, it is about the pond. I want to say “I built that”. I want you to say what EVERYONE else says…. “That is much more than I was expecting”. I can’t build them for free but I can build you a one of a kind pond and don’t forget the landscape, I did this 15 years before I started ponds.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Martin

Aka Mr. Waterfalls

This was an email between me and another company. I pretended to be a customer just to get some prices. I’m so glad I didn’t have to pay those prices. I will not be saying the companies name or website. If they can get away with charging those prices the good for them. I will have to answer to my Father in Heaven who leads me by still waters. I just hope my message reaches you in time

This is the 1st one 95,000.00 my price around $55,000.00 to $60,000.00 Tops….. $40.000.00 OFF that’s no joke, that’s a new car cash, you child’s college, a vacation of a lifetime. I’ll build it for $55,000.00 and you tip $40,000.00 I’ll be your best friend.

This is the 2nd one in the email. The price is 85,000.00 I just built this same one but bigger and massive waterfalls for $40,000.00 …. I do except tips over 40,000.00 and an extra $5000.00 under the table.

And finally the 3rd one in the email, $57,000.00 I’m build one bigger than this 5 foot deep for $40,000.00 but that’s still $17,000.00 over one again we except tips. I then was wondering how much they would charge for this water feature I just built. Below is the rest of the email and the video I sent him.

So his price for 12 feet of river was $11,900.00 and the $1500.00 for each additional feet, plus $2500 for every foot per waterfall length. This water feature or pondless srteam was 105 feet long with 25 feet of head. So his price would have been $11,900.00 plus $1500.00 x 85 more feet. That would have been $127,000.00 we built it for $45,000.00 by hand no machines down hill at a 40 degree angle. Took 7 days to wheelbarrow all product to the back yard. That was $82,000.00 more than you would have to pay.