Are you considering buying a koi pond for the first time or upgrading your existing pond. One of the first steps is we consider what type of pond you want to build. We have many videos and pictures of previous ponds you can get ideas from. We need to consider what type of aquatic life you want. Perhaps you only want the pond for the sound of a waterfall and no fish.

( visit our pondless water features page for more details)

Each type of pond will need to be planned for its specific features. The most common mistake water gardeners say is “they made their first pond too small”. Smaller ponds limit the number of fish and plants you can add.

2500 gallon koi pond

Koi pond is somewhat different than a water garden because the koi will limit the amount of plant life. Koi ponds should be larger because koi get quite large despite the size of the pond. I recommended that a koi pond be no less than 1000 to 1500  gallons. Our average koi pond is around 3000 gallons.  Koi ponds need to be at least 3 feet deep.

   The Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) and raccoons are the primary predator of the Austin areas.  In colder climates 4 to 5 feet deep is necessary but will require additional water aeration. All our ponds are rocked on the vertical walls. We leave the bottom smooth for easy cleaning.

      Secondly, we will need to determine the location of the pond. Koi ponds will be enjoyed more if they are installed closer to home. The pond will also need to be located in an area to avoid lawn run off. This may carry fertilizers, chemicals, and organic debris into the pond. We will determine the pump size, And filtration needed for the optimal eco condition.

Example: if your pond is 3500 gallon we will install a 3500 to 4500 gph ( gallon per hour ) pump. The water in a pond needs to be circulated at least once an hour. Ponds can be installed shade or sun, under trees or away from trees. Ponds under trees will need to be maintained a lot more due to the falling leaf matter. The skimmer will get most likely have to be emptied daily in the fall.

We offer pond maintenance services.

All our ponds are turn key. Our ponds come with a class on instructions on how to treat your pond. Don’t’ stop at your pond. We can add landscapes, outdoor lighting, patios, arbors, fences, sod and so much more.

Hiring a landscape company for your pond installation could end up having you spending double if not more to have us fix it. Below are photos of water features gone wrong. These are not mine.

These companies will show you photos of work they have done and most likely it wasn’t theirs.  There are hundreds of companies that use stock photos for their portfolio. I don’t want to bad mouth any pond builder but most of them fall a little short. Just because these other pond companies charge a fortune doesn’t mean your gonna get what you paid for. I have seen ponds that I would have charged a 3rd less and given you so much more.

                 We only use high quality products for our ponds and pondless water features. You will not find any of our products at Home Depot or Lowes. For home owners that want to tackle a project like this then don’t use retail home improvement stores. We do not use uv lights on ponds, they only mask the true problems. We treat the pond with special bacteria that turn the pond into a true natural eco system for your pet fish to enjoy. Name your fish, they will eventually come to the shore line to be feed and will actually rub and nibble on your finger tips or toes. Koi fish have an exceptional life span.

Your budget will determine your pond size. We are not in competition with any other pond builder because there is no other pond builder that can create what I dream up.  We are a family owned and operated business. I will over see all aspects of your pond from start to finish.

Equipment that does not come with your pond is electrical. You need to furnish the plug and we recommend a plug with gfci and a protective cover. 4 plugs would be best if you are wanting the pump, outdoor and under water lighting.