Who is really building your pond or water feature

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Did you know that I am the pond and waterfall subcontractor for many landscape companies in the Austin area. Maybe you’re saying what does that have to do with me? Here is how it works…. XYZ landscape company sells you a landscape project ( I won’t be giving out the names of these companies and there are many.) and they include a water feature of some sort for let’s say $10,000.00 the price I sell it to XYZ landscape may be for $7500.00 to $8000.00. NOW the XYZ landscape adds their 20% mark up for the $10000.00. That means you paid to much. You could have had the water feature and a Bahamas cruise for the same price. Our prices can’t be touched by any of the other 2 major pond companies. We will always give you more splash for the cash, more bang for the buck. However you want to slice and dice the facts. You will never get a better quality water feature at a great price unless you call us. We are up to times on communication and we love texting and sending photos. We also like emails, voice mails are not my strongest area due to the overwhelming calls.


We look forward to being your pond company.