Pond to Pondless Waterfalls Canyon Creek Cedar Park Texas

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Pond to Pondless Waterfalls Canyon Creek Cedar Park Texas

Here is the story on this job. The customer had a pond in the back yard and cleaning it was such a chore. They originally called hill country water gardens and got a quote for switching it from a pond to pondless waterfall. The quote was for $5000.00 and there were so many stipulations on what type of warranty they would cover. Long story short they found us on youtube, gave us the call and what we did is unheard of. The shock from the customer when I told them my price and what all they would get plus landscaping was almost half of what hill country water gardens was going to charge. We totally ripped out the previous pond and installed a dual stream with numerous cascades. All that was bought for this pond was a 4000 gph pump, underlayment and liner, and plants, everything else was already on the job. We reused all stone and rocks from the previous pond to create this awesome pondless water feature. Plus it comes with our warranty that most other companies won’t provide…..  I’ll let the pictures and video explain the rest for you. ENJOY

Before Pictures

Time lapse video from start to finish. ENJOY

After Pictures

So you as the customer make the choice. Do you want to spend more for less or do you want to spend less for more. Be one of the customers that make the right decision. I would choose more splash for your cash…

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