Pond temperatures differ from area to area, the ponds we build in Austin, Texas are not the same as the ponds we would build in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Everything from Dallas Texas and lower down to San Antonio only need to be dug to 3 feet, 3.5 feet is just a bonus. The rule of thumb here in the Austin area is stop feeding your fish at thanksgiving and start back up around spring break. This will not work in Colorado Springs. Temperatures here drop sooner and last longer. Everything below 50 degrees will slow the metabolism of the koi. We don’t use them in Austin Texas but a de-icer is a must in northern Texas and Colorado and ever other state the water freezes. Here is a link to buy one if needed.

Here in Texas as well as Colorado when air stones are used, don’t forget to raise them above the bottom level of the pond. The air pump sucks and pushes cold air and we are wanting to keep the fish as comfortable as possible. Another reason to stop feeding is the koi can’t digest the food and it could just rot in their stomach and cause death in some cases. De-icers are not set up in or around skimmer boxes, they could cause fire and unwanted leaks. Air stones are still important in frozen ponds because pumps will continue making popsicles and eventually empty the pond with frozen waves of water.

This is also a great time to clean out some leaves and cut back the plants and Lillie’s. Tropical Lillie’s need to be dropped to the lowest point of the water while hardy Lillie’s just need to be cut back when they turn brown. You probably notice that your pond seem to clear up as far as water clarity in the winter. It’s to cold for algae and fish are not pooping. You can stop adding bennificial bacteria and barley. For those of you that have to have UV light filters, turn those of also. GoProPonds does not use UV lighting because Mother Nature doesn’t use them. They are not needed if the pond is properly built. It’s only a personal preference to use netting for leaves I personally don’t like them and find them to be a hassle and will mostly likely throw it away after use.