Pond Cleaning, Repair & Rebuild Henly Texas 360 degree waterfalls

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Pond Cleaning, Repair & Rebuild Henly Texas 360 degree waterfalls installation.

These are pictures of what the pond looked like when we arrived. The pump was to small to circulate the pond volume every hour. The plants were planted at the wrong levels and there was no filtration at all. The pump for this pond was an external pump and was louder than the sound of water cascading over the rocks. We installed a 4000 gph pump and its in the pond, no more hearing the pump over the waterfalls.


After 2 days of cleaning, scrubbing and installing the 360 degree waterfall we think we have fixed the problem. All the plants we cleaned, trimmed and place on proper shelves we also added a skimmer, which was a chore all by itself. This pond is a concrete pond and the skimmer had to be custom made because we don’t want to break the existing pond. Watch the video above to see our process.

This customer had previous pond companies clean this pond and paid way to much We rebuilt this pond for the price of 2 pond cleanings that the other company charged. this job was under $3000.00. The price also included pond treatments removal and replacement of koi as well as a koi pond treatment class. No other pond company can compare to my prices and quality of work and service. If you are considering using a pond cleaning company be prepared to pay out the wazoo. I can almost guarantee that our prices are at least 25% less expensive than all other companies that provide a similar service and I say¬† similar service¬† because nobody can offer the service I provide. We call it ” the more splash for your cash ” guarantee

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