Somehow someway I disappeared off Google list for pond cleaning in Georgetown Texas. I apologize for not keeping my website up to date. I just got a referral from the company called thumbtack. It was one of my old customers. She apparently lost my information and was being charge an outrageous amount of money to keep her pond clean. This guy was charging her $150 a month and her water was always green. Many months he charged her and never even showed up. I’m a little pissed off that some runs their service that way. I’m here to say Georgetown Texas. I’m back or I mean I never left. Please don’t confuse Austin pond doctor with Austin pond cleaning. We are to different services. We fix ponds the way Mother Nature intended we don’t make the problem with UV lights and monthly service calls. We typically come out once a year or twice a year for those that go the extra mile on help keeping it clean. The most you should have to do for your pond is add the monthly treatments I sell you and stop feeding the fish daily. Algae is the main food source for most fish. Let them help keep your pond clean. Over feeding fish is one of the biggest culprits of a dirty pond.

my cell number is still the same


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