This generator will power your water feature and your water feature will power your home it powers itself. It’s like one of the questions “what can first the chicken or the egg. “ 

This is so simple, I can’t believe I thought of it.

If you have enough property and want to live off grid we also build power station water features. These are rivers that produce 2600 watts of power 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 750 watts is designated for the pump and 1850 watts are used to power the battery bank that powers your home or earthship. This is a hydro power system that can be upgraded for an additional 1500 watts of power. This hydro system can also be a rain harvester. We can collect 2000 gallons or 20,000 gallons. Like solar panels harnessing the sun for a few hours a day. My water features can run 24/7 by using the water in your feature. The pump makes its own power so this unit makes power and powers itself. I call it perpetual energy. But I’m not Einstein, it’s only perpetual while the pump is working. If one day the pump breaks you will have up to a week of power on your Tesla battery bank. Pumps may have to be replaced from time to time but normally last many many years. Hydro generators can run up to 10 years. This system can also be enlarged to power up to 60 homes. These are great for subdivisions, free power for all who live there and an awesome water feature that powers the whole thing. 

This water feature above can be a 2.6 kilowatt hydro power station and can be upgraded for an additional 1500 watts. This will be the future. Water features that power homes or subdivisions or even small cities. As long as there is water there is a world of free energy. Don’t get me started on my wind powered car. Never charge it. As long as you are driving in it. The car will power itself and charge back up battery bank. If the battery does run low you can charge it at home in your free power station.

Mr. Waterfalls 

January 3rd of the year 2019