How Not to Build Koi Ponds

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Have you seen some of the ponds on youtube these days or have you gone to a friends house and were shown a pond that looks like crap. There are so many videos with 1000’s of views and the pond is the most hideous things I have ever seen. I understand that over 50% of them are people on super small budgets and don’t have the time or skill to make it actually look natural. Here come the sad part the other 45% of the ponds on youtube that look like crap are built by companies. I’m not sure where they get their training and acquire their skills but OMG. You might have noticed I left out 5%, its because the other 5% are my ponds and water features.

Really what is this, i want to punch my computer monitor and reach through the screen and smash it. I’m sorry but this is unacceptable.

This is my local competition here is the Austin Texas areas. Im sorry but once again this is unacceptable..

This company actually gets calls. This guy does really awesome tile work but his eye for building water features is just not up to my standards. But you are the customers if this is your style then this is his number 512-7-576-0338 he does do great tile work, but we are talking ponds Right..

Wait this pond is super mega awesome definitely worth the 229000 views that it has.

If you are wanting to take on a pond building job yourself please don’t use this type of advice.

Lets take a look at this pond. The owner has the right concept but just doesn’t have the creativity to make it look natural. This is just one more reason not to buy your pond supplies from home depot or lowes. With just a little planning you can make areas for plants in your pond that the fish will destroy but the plants in this video. I mean how wants to see a Rubbermaid container with garden hoses as part of what is supposed an eye catching waterfall and not only that I can’t stand rock over kill. Way to much rock just does not look pretty and natural, you should try using larger character  boulders and build up a flower bed and landscape to match.

 I’m sorry for having to post this blog but i have to just to keep myself  sane. We will come out with a blog for you so you will be able to create your own pondless waterfalls or take on the pond thing, and actually be proud of what you created..


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