Another landscape company using my landscape photos as theirs — Living Aquatics and Landscapes

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I was surfing the internet as usual, looking at who’s my competitors these days and I found this. I took screenshots so you can see what I’m talking about.

I saw this thumbtack 10 best pond maintenance companies so I clicked on it and found this.

I saw this living aquatic and landscapes and decided to check him out.

I decided to look at his website.
I went to look thru his photo gallery and found this.

I saw this picture (2nd from the bottom on the right) and said that looks cool as heck then noticed it was mine. My landscape and water feature on someone else’s website. It goes back to some of my other posts, you know the one where people say they built it and yet they didn’t.

Wow I almost forgot about this one. Time sure does fly. I have since this post talked with the owner of this picture and it is the lighting he is promoting. He will credit goproponds for the work so no hard feelings. Living aquatics and landscape did the lighting upgrade.

We designed and installed this for the daughter of a family friend I went to high school with. This was installed in August 2013 by goproponds. I have all the photos from this build but have not had time to post them.