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Austin’s premiere pond cleaning and repair service.

We’ll get dirty so you stay clean for less green!

About Us

Hello, I’m Scott Martin the owner of Pond Rx a division of Go Pro Ponds . We have recently added new services. We now services ponds, pond-less waterfalls and the repairing of water features. We have been landscaping business for almost 20 years and since 2007 we have dedicated our time to understanding, repairing and treating water features.

We are very talented at what we do and our creativity and pricing is what is making us one of Austin’s top pond installers. We do offer local consultations as well as long distance consultations. We are not a free service but we will refund the consultation fee back into the water feature if our services are excepted. We do not have a store front property and for that reason we are able to return the savings to you. If we had a store front property then we would have to charge double like other companies to cover the cost of the property and employee overhead.

We have added something that no other pond company provides. We film all our pond builds, cleanings and repairs with the Go Pro Hero.

 That’s why we refer to our filming as GoProPonds

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat-Sun 10am-5pm Closed Sunday

Customer Testimonials

Great Prompt Service, Excellent Price

I came home from a long vacation and found my pond totally stagnant. I called my ‘pool guy’ and he told me he was on vacation and couldn’t help me and that I should stick a hose in the pipes to blow out any clogs. I did this and nothing happened. Called him again but no one called back. I knew my fish would die soon without oxygen and called several places for help. Scott answered my call that same day (only one to call back of many calls made that day) and said that he was busy but would come to the house at the end of his work day to make sure my fish didn’t die. He arrived timely and put in temporary oxygen for the fish and diagnosed the problem. We discussed our options and he gave me a firm price. The next day he fixed the problem, did an amazing job cleaning the pond and added beautiful flowers.

His price was fair and there were no surprises. His work far exceeded my expectations . I have never given a testimonial for a company but have done so now as  his work was beyond my expectations  and I feel that kudos are certainly warranted.

Thanks … Jane  Allen, Lakeway, TX

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